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Rosa Barrios

Independent expert

Rosa Barrios is a lawyer with 25 years of experience in environmental law in the Amazon and Latin American region. Rosa has worked for government agencies, law offices and NGO´s, as well as in private sector and academia, achieving practical work experience in natural resources management, wild flora and fauna, oil and gas, amazon natural protected areas, indigenous populations, and environmental monitoring and permitting. In addition, she has developed numerous workshops for public workers, local population, native communities and university students, related to legal framework and best practices for natural resources management.

Rosa is deeply familiar with environmental governance issues in the Amazon, having lived and traveled extensively throughout the amazon region, engaging regional and local authorities, civil society organizations, indigenous groups, and community leaders to making known environmental regulations and respect for human rights, especially of native communities. She holds two Master Degrees: on Forest Resources Conservation; and, on Management, Access and Conservation of Endangered Species in Trade (Known as CITES Master),

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