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Maria-Eugenia Cordeiro

Legal Advisor, Rio Grande do Norte Prosecution's Office

Maria Eugenia has an extensive and illustrious career in the field of law, financial crime prevention, and cybercrime. Holding a Master’s degree in Law from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, she has dedicated her career to advancing justice and security. Her professional journey has encompassed a variety of prestigious roles, including active participation in research and investigations related to financial crimes and cybercrime. Her expertise has been instrumental in devising effective strategies to combat these crimes within the bounds of existing legal frameworks.

Furthermore, she has completed courses at the Perry Center/National Defense University/Washington/DC, including the “Cyber Policy Development Course” and “2021 Combating Transnational Threat Networks.” Currently, she is participating in the Program on Applied Security Studies at the George C. Marshall European Center For Security Studies. Her academic contributions include notable research in economic criminal law, particularly in the field of money laundering. As an instructor for the National Network for Technology Against Money Laundering, she actively imparts her knowledge and expertise. Throughout her career, she has consistently exemplified professionalism, an unwavering commitment to justice, and readiness to tackle the evolving challenges posed by cybercrime and financial crimes.

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