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Justin Gosling

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Consultant

Justin Gosling is an independent law enforcement and criminal justice specialist drawing upon over 25 years of relevant experience.
As a British police detective, Justin investigated serious and serial crimes, developing complex cases from intelligence to prosecution, frequently using covert intelligence-led techniques. During his service he served on a number of specialist units and was twice awarded Chief Constable’s Commendations.
For over a decade, Justin has worked as an investigator, researcher, trainer, and project manager, delivering projects for leading non-governmental and inter-governmental organisations, including several United Nations agencies and the CITES Secretariat, focusing on illicit trafficking of wildlife and people. From 2010 to 2012 he served as a Criminal Intelligence Officer on INTERPOL’s Environmental Security Directorate covering Asia and the Pacific, coordinating global wildlife crime operations and assisting countries to exchange criminal intelligence. He has directly supported law enforcement agencies and government departments across Africa, Asia, Australasia, and Europe.
With an interest in developing international policy and practical responses to organised crime, Justin has conducted national capacity assessments, developed national counter- wildlife crime action plans, and written and contributed to many key publications including Transnational Crime Threat Assessments, the ICCWC Wildlife and Forest Crime Toolkit, and Indicators of Effective Enforcement. He is a member of the UK Defra Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund Advisory Group. He holds a master’s degree in International Criminal Justice, focusing on the effectiveness of anti-poaching strategies to combat the trafficking of elephant ivory.


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