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Cristobal Fundora Sittòn

Panama's National Assembly

Mr. Cristobal Fundora Sitton is a national security adviser for the deputy (4-6) in the National Assembly (Parliament) of the Republic of Panama. He is in charge of Enhance national security through security strategic planning, synchronization of interagency operations, security operational planning and design, investigate any activity or situation that may create friction and recommend methods for its resolution in order to maintain peace and security in the territory.

He is a emergency response officer in the National Civil Protection System were he coordinates Coordinate operations on humanitarian action, protection of civilians and refugees, and disaster prevention-relief programs. Previously, he was assigned as head of the diplomatic mission of Panama in La Coruña, Spain where he held the position of General Consul. Among his duties, he had the responsibilities of encourage the development of commercial, economic, cultural, and scientific relations between Spain and Panama, implementing National Strategy and exercise security controls of vessels, aircraft and their crew under the Panamanian jurisdiction. At present, he is also a professor in the CISDE – International Campus for the Security and Defense, where he created two specialized courses:

• Advance Course on Narcoterrorism

• Postgrade Irregular Warfare Analyst

Fundora holds a master´s degree in counterterrorism and cybersecurity from Granada University, receive his bachelor’s degree in security from the National University, specialization on counterterrorism from the International Institute for Counter Terrorism – ICT (Israel).

Fundora is alumni member of several research and security programs including Baltic Defence College, William Perry Center (National Defense University), George Marshall European Center for Security Studies, NESA Center for Strategic Studies and Joint Special Operations University.

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