Andreia Teixeira

Andi has been a lawyer with more than 10 years of experience with judicial litigation in criminal law cases and a research fellow for global consulting firms, working on issues of governance, security sector reform and aid effectiveness for fragile and transition states. She was Legal Adviser at UNODC Field Office in West Africa managing criminal justice projects, facilitating the smooth implementation of initiatives aimed at enhancing the capacity of the justice sector strengthening the interagency partnership in the field of Security Sector Reform to face drug trafficking and transnational organized crime cases, as well as the implementation of projects and programmes in the area of criminal justice, TOC and Counter-Terrorism capacity building, the penitentiary system and law enforcement. She was also the Programme Manager of EU Counter-Terrorism Monitoring, Reporting and Support Mechanism (EU CT MORSE).

Andreia graduated from Portucalense University and is a Portuguese Bar Association member.


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