GI-TOC Staff Member

Alastair Macbeath

South East Asia Coordinator, Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime

Alastair joined the GI-TOC in 2020 and since January 2024 has been the South East Asia coordinator within the Asia-Pacific Observatory. He is currently based in Bangkok and is responsible for the GI-TOC’s civil society, government and multilateral engagement within South East Asia as well as overseeing programming in the region. He is also a member of ECO-SOLVE, the GI-TOC’s flagship environmental crime project, where he works on environmental crime policy and international data governance and cooperation. Prior to becoming South East Asia coordinator, Alastair was an analyst within the Global Policy Team based in London.

Alastair’s recent works includes the mapping of illicit economies related to wildlife crime, analysis of international enforcement cooperation and research into the relationship between climate change and organized crime. Alastair holds an MA(Hons) in history from the University of Glasgow.

Recent publications

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