Christian Plowman

Law Enforcement Advisor, Zoological Society of London

Christian left the Metropolitan Police, Specialist Crime Directorate, New Scotland Yard in 2011 as a detective with an exemplary 16 years’ service. Christian specialized in covert policing throughout his career, with a particular emphasis on undercover deployment and recruitment and management of high-level human sources (CHIS). An experienced and diligent investigator and acknowledged intelligence specialist, Christian spent many years undertaking undercover operations, often complex and long term, both as an operator and as a case manager. Christian has since gained years of international enforcement experience, working in intelligence gathering and investigative roles in the Netherlands, France, North Africa, the Middle East, and more recently in several African countries, targeting illicit trade, organized criminality and the trafficking of illegal wildlife products. This includes a period as INTERPOLs Criminal Intelligence Officer for Eastern Africa combating environmental organized crime. Christian provides ongoing front-line support, training and guidance to law enforcement agencies, concentrating on resource-appropriate methods and processes to enable professional, ethical and accountable CHIS and undercover investigations. Christian is a firm believer in ensuring basic policing skills are in place before tackling advanced subjects, and has trained and advised hundreds of police, customs and wildlife officers over the past few years. Christian is currently employed as the only UK-based former law enforcement officer working for a conservation charity, in the role of Law Enforcement Advisor for the Zoological Society of London. Christian has spearheaded unique investigative and intelligence gathering initiatives, as well as designing and delivering bespoke training for over 260 law enforcement officers in the past 24 months. Agents trained and supported by Christian and ZSL were recently responsible for one of Cameroons biggest ivory seizures. The same team seized a further 191kg of ivory in May 2018, disrupting a substantial trafficking network. Following a nomination by Christian, the Cameroonian officers are in line to receive a major international conservation award. Beninese trafficking units trained by Christian made a seizure of over half a ton of pangolin scales in March 2018. Christian has worked with academia, and regularly delivers presentations and lectures on ethics of covert policing, covert policing psychology, and tackling trafficking and transnational criminality. Recently, a unique partnership with the University of Portsmouth yielded ground-breaking forensic results, where evidential fingerprints were obtained from pangolin scales, for the first time ever.