This report describes the findings from research which asked a panel of experts to suggest responses to a number of criminal threats and technology challenges associated with the Internet and information technology applications in two to five years time. Their suggestions were comprehensive and diverse, encompassing technical, legal, commercial and psychological factors. The report discusses possible responses to these threats and challenges, drawing upon both the Home Office Police Science and Technology Strategy framework and a revised situational crime prevention model (Newman and Clarke, 2003). The aim is to facilitate consideration and uptake of the research findings by policy, enforcement and research parties, through the adoption of these existing and established frameworks. The findings conclude that there is no single solution to mitigating such threats, though a number of recommendations are proposed for Government, law enforcement, the information communication industry and individual users; unsurprising all have a role to play in securing both their own transactions and the online experience of others. More broadly, the challenges of netcrime are not transitory, waiting to be ‘solved’ with the emergence of yet more new technology; they are a permanent, ongoing task, which the report aims to contribute