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03 Oct


03 Oct 2022
9 AM

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A talk by Fatjona Mejdini, Drita Avdyli, Saša Đorđević, Tatiana Giannone, Vanja Petrovic & Qirjako Theodhori. Social reuse of confiscated criminal assets opens the possibility of strengthening resilience to organized crime and building bridges between civil society and the authorities. In most cases, when assets are recovered they are confiscated by the state and the value is transferred to the public purse. Assets are used to support local projects or provided for public use at the request of eligible beneficiaries.

This provides many opportunities for civil society organizations, however, many organizations are not familiar with the processes and its benefits.

In this webinar our aim is to raise awareness on this topic, provide good practice examples from Albania, Western Balkan region and abroad, and provide local civil society organization with practical tools on how they could get involved in the process of asset recovery and apply to access these assets or funds.