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04 May


04 May 2023
2 PM - 4 PM

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Residence Palace in Rue de la Loi 155, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium (Room: The Passage )

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Since February 2022, weapons have been entering Ukraine at an extraordinary rate. Although several control mechanisms have been put in place, field research indicates that the rise in untracked, misappropriated and found weapons will play into the hands of criminals looking to assemble illicit stockpiles for exploitation at a later date.

During this briefing, GI-TOC Network Member Mark Galeotti will discuss the findings of recently published report “Peace and Proliferation: The Russo-Ukrainian war and the illegal arms trade”, outlining on the risks of current situation. In addition, GI-TOC will present preliminary data on firearms pricing from its longitudinal study that aims to monitor and analyze the flow of Western weapons on the black market both inside Ukraine and in neighbouring countries, from the Balkans to the Benelux.