The #GIResilience Project was designed to strengthen the resilient capabilities of the communities affected by organized crime. The ultimate aim of the project is to create a global network of resilient communities to counter and mitigate the effects of criminal networks. 

The Resilience in Sinaloa report is the first of a series of evidence-based research in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, home of the infamous drug syndicate under the same name. People here have endured for decades the devastating consequences of organized crime violence. At the same time, the state is the scenario of the most extraordinary community responses.

The #GIresilience Project seeks to bring these local perspectives and resilient actors into the global policy dialogue on organized crime and development. The intention is propose alternatives to the traditional security-driven responses, as well as to incubate and develop resilience-based initiatives.

By tapping into these communities’ own sources of resilience, we can build sustainable responses to organized crime and develop their capacity to thrive.

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