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26 Jan


26 Jan 2021

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Human trafficking is a challenging issue for businesses across industries. At least 16 million people are exploited in the private sector in conditions of forced labor and the COVID-19 pandemic will leave millions more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. More than ever, business must prevent, identify, address and remediate exploitative practices in their operations and supply chains.

The Interactive Map for Business of Anti-Human Trafficking Organizations enables business to identify the global and local initiatives and organisations that can partner with business to address human trafficking in operations and supply chains. The Interactive Map was developed by a group of collaborating organisations in May 2018. They are the Global Business Coalition Against Human Trafficking (GBCAT), the RESPECT Initiative (initially founded by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC), Babson College’s Initiative on Human Trafficking and Modern, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM); currently hosted by GI-TOC), and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). With the support of the Laudes Foundation, the Interactive Map has been updated this year and expanded to include over 200 organisations, including those focused on survivor empowerment and employment.

To celebrate the launch of the updated Interactive Map, this webinar will showcase successful anti-trafficking partnerships between business and other entities.

This one-hour webinar will convene businesses, anti-trafficking organisations and experts and other stakeholders to discuss the foundations of successful partnerships on human trafficking. The webinar will focus on how to identify organisations that can support a business on its anti-trafficking work and explain how successful partnerships between the private sector and other entities can be brokered.


Lauren Aste, EVP, Chief Legal Officer of CWT and Chair of CWT’s Anti-Trafficking Task Force

Nicole Epps, Executive Director of World Childhood USA

Neil Giles, CEO of Traffik Analysis Hub

John McGrath, Senior Managing Consultant and Solution Architect for IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software