Responsible and Ethical Private Sector Coalition against Trafficking’ Initiative
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New technologies, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Tackling Human Trafficking

The fifth webinar of the New technologies, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Tackling Human Trafficking webinar series was held on Thursday, April 20 , 2017.

With the altering terrain of cyberspace, criminal activity has been greatly impacted. Law enforcement and other key stakeholders face new challenges with addressing this crime. However, technology provides significant avenues to discovering and identifying human trafficking.

From a law enforcement perspective, how has technology changed the scope of criminal activity? From the development of software to detect the online exploitation of children to the development of specific apps, how effective are these new media solutions in terms of finding cases? What is the next wave of technological advancements that could detect these crimes?

This webinar discussed these questions and will assemble a panel of experts drawn from law enforcement, the private sector, academia, public policy and the NGO community:


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This webinar series is hosted by the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime, Babson College’s Initiative on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Also supported by TraCCC, the Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center at George Mason University, and Dentons LLP.

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