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19 May


19 May 2022
3 PM

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This event will be held in French with simultaneous translation to English and bilingual discussion

Ce webinaire se tiendra en français avec traduction simultanée vers l’anglais et discussion bilingue

In May 2021, the Moroccan parliament adopted Law 13-21 on the legal use of cannabis for medical, cosmetic and industrial purposes. The government has stressed this process as a strategic opportunity to position itself within a booming global licit cannabis industry and a mechanism to improve farmers’ livelihoods and protect them from drug trafficking networks.

This event is aimed at assessing the potential impacts of this process on illicit cannabis markets in northern Morocco and on drug trafficking networks. Key questions will include:

• How will the state challenge the trafficking networks’ influence over the cultivation process and isolate them from the cannabis economy?

• What are the challenges and opportunities to break existing ties between small cultivators and trafficking networks?

• How are traffickers adapting in advance of the regularisation process?

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