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12 Jul


12 Jul 2023
3 PM

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Irregular migration from and through Tunisia has surged since 2020. In addition to growing departures by Tunisian nationals, the country increasingly acts as a launching point for foreign migrants seeking to reach Europe.

Since the last quarter of 2022, Tunisia has replaced Libya as the main country of embarkation towards Italy. With growing concerns in Europe about the inflow of migrants from the north African country, migration is increasingly dominating discussions on EU-Tunisia relations.

This event will draw on two publications on the issue: ‘Borders under Pressure: Increased fragility fuels migration surge from Tunisia,’ which will delve into the development of human smuggling from Tunisia to Europe during 2022, and ‘Leveraging Lives: Serbia and illegal Tunisian migration to Europe’ focussing on the post-pandemic surge in Tunisian migration through the Western Balkan route and the growing instrumentalization of migration in external relations.