As a result of a regional meeting in Antigua, Guatemala in 2019, the ‘Coalitions for Resilience Against Extortion’ gathered ideas, recommendations and proposals to create a set of training documents that covered all the basic concepts, models and responses of Extortion in Central America. As a result, the Action Manual to Commuity Resilience against Extortion in Central America was created as a gender sensitive fifty three page handbook for individuals interested in learning more about extortion and want to get involved and participate in local and community initiatives to develop community resilience to this crime.

Parallel to the development of the Action manual, the project team developed the Guide to community resilience against extortion in Central America aimed as a training of trainers (ToT) tool. This document provides a set of instruments meant to replicate and facilitate workshops or community dialogues with stakeholders and community members interested in tackling this crime.

The Action Manual provides all the necessary information to understand the crime and the Guide offers a methodological proposal to replicate the materials and information taking into consideration the context in which the replica will take place (community level or institutional settings). Both documents are available in Spanish and English as these learning tools could be used in similar criminal context in other regions of the world such as South Africa or Eastern Europe.