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22 May


22 May 2023 - 26 May 2023

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The UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) will take place in Vienna from 22 to 26 May 2023. At the CCPCJ, UN member states come together every year to negotiate resolutions on crime prevention and criminal justice, and how to implement them. 

Civil society organizations can contribute by presenting their latest evidence, best practices and programmes. The theme of this year’s CCPCJ is access to justice, which is of vital importance to the victims of organized crime and the violence that is associated with it.

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC) will partner with governments and civil society organizations to present our latest research and analysis on criminal markets around the world, and responses to them.

Throughout the week, the GI-TOC will be taking part in several side events, including those listed below.

Event: The dynamics of human smuggling and trafficking on routes to the Central Mediterranean

Date: Tuesday 23 May | Time: 09:10-10:00 (CEST/Vienna)

The side event will present the latest research of the GI-TOC stemming from an ongoing monitoring programme focused on the political economy of human smuggling and trafficking in North Africa and the Sahel on the routes to the Central Mediterranean. The event will include a presentation of the latest research along with interventions from member states and civil society representatives.

Organized by the European Union.

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Event: Illicit firearms trafficking and its nuances in Latin America

Date: Tuesday 23 May | Time: 13:00-13:50 (CEST/Vienna)

Through case studies from research in Latin America, this side event will identify trends in illegal firearms trafficking and their impact on violence and criminality in affected territories. It will discuss how countries can start filling the data and analysis gap to create the basis for improved policy design, highlight the measures and efforts currently taking place at the local and national levels, and ignite collaboration at a regional and multilateral level.

Organized by Mexico.

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Event: Under-explored ‘accelerant’ markets driving instability in the Sahel: Kidnapping and cattle rustling

Date: Wednesday 24 May | Time: 08:00-08:50 (CEST/Vienna)

The session will be framed by the findings of the GI-TOC hotspots mapping initiative, which identified 280 geographic hubs of illicit activity across the region and assessed the relationship between illicit economies in each hub and instability. It will explore how conflict actors and these illicit economies intersect in areas under conflict actor control and territories currently suffering from armed group expansion.

Organized by Denmark.

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Event: Gold, crime, conflict and fragility in West Africa and the Sahel: Converting knowledge into evidence-based prevention and response frameworks

Date: Thursday 25 May | Time: 09:10-10:00 (CEST/Vienna)

This event will present research on hotspots, criminal networks and supply chains in the region, as well as analysis of the relationships between gold, conflict and criminality. It will also present and discuss implications for prevention and responses, presenting lessons learned and ongoing efforts in the region.

Organized by Ghana.

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Event: Illegal trading into and through Africa

Date: Friday 26 May | Time: 08:00-08:50 (CEST/Vienna)

This hybrid event will draw on the 2021 ENACT Organised Crime Index to provide an overview of criminality and resilience in Africa, followed by the release of new research on illicit trafficking in the region. INTERPOL’s latest analytical report on illicit trafficking in explosives in Central Africa will be discussed and the Institute for Security Studies report on the illegal flow of cigarettes and the pivotal role played by North Africa and the Balkans in global trading routes and networks will also be explored.

Organized by the Institute for Security Studies.

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Event: Online child sexual exploitation: A global perspective of how vulnerable children are victimized online

Date: Friday 26 May | Time: 13:00-13:50 (CEST/Vienna)

Research has tracked a clear correlation between the growing internet penetration, online gaming, social media and mobile devices with the increase in online child sexual exploitation (OCSE). This event will discuss the different forms of OCSE, the criminal actors involved, its transnational dynamics, as well as preventive strategies and responses from national and regional bodies as well as international organizations.

Organized by the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

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GI-TOC representatives will also participate in the following event:

Event: 2003–2023: 20 years of implementation of the Palermo Convention

Date: Tuesday 23 May | Time: 14:10-15:00 (CEST/Vienna)

This side event will offer the opportunity to take stock of the Palermo Convention on the occasion of the 32nd session of the CCPCJ, commission that played a key role in paving the ground for the negotiation of the Convention. This side event will reflect on the past 20 years of the implementation of the Convention and the relevant lessons learnt.

Organized by Italy.