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19 Jan


19 Jan 2022
3 PM

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The Resilience Fund’s annual Fellowship builds a platform for cross-sectoral, global and interdisciplinary collaboration between key actors working to counter the effects of organized crime.

Focusing on the theme ‘extortion and organized crime’, the 2021 Fellows have been incubating and growing efforts against extortion in a variety of locations around the world, documenting its causes and effects, and providing a voice to those affected by this crime.

Supporting victims of extortion in the community.

In the webinar, we will discuss extortion and its impacts, and we will present case studies about civil society resilient responses that are being implemented to fight this crime.


Opening remarks: Tuesday Reitano, Deputy Director, GI-TOC

Moderator: Siria Gastelum Felix, Resilience Fund Director, GI-TOC

Miloš Katić, Vojvodina Investigative and Analytical Centre ­– Serbia

Vania Pigeonutt, Journalist – Mexico

Ponelo Kalonga, Save the Village Youth Foundation – Malawi

Riana Raymonde Randrianarisoa, Madagascar Network of Investigative Journalists – Madagascar

Edoardo Zaffuto, Addiopizzo – Italy

Josue Decavele, Photojournalist – Guatemala

Header photo: Josue Decavele