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10 Oct


10 Oct 2023
3 PM

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Webinar - Zoom

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How do armed groups in the Sahel obtain the motorbikes, and the cars that they depend on for their operations?

In this webinar, we will examine the role of motorbike trafficking in armed groups activity. GI-TOC research has shown that armed groups are purchasing hundreds of new motorbikes every month, mostly through illicit trafficking networks. Likewise, they are also frequently implicated in the theft of cars, particularly 4x4s. In examining the theft and trafficking of vehicles in the Sahel, we also consider what these markets and practices mean for regional stability. When civilians are highly dependent on cars and motorbikes for their transport, they can be both customers and victims of the trade in trafficked and stolen vehicles. This webinar will also consider the growing importance of motorbikes to armed groups not only in the Sahel, but across Africa and other parts of the world.