Jenny J Constantine

Trinidad and Tobago Police Service


Jenny has been a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service for the past 13 years where she has worked in many areas, most notably as a Criminal Law Lecturer in the Police Academy and as the first female Assistant Armourer in the Police Armoury, where her interests in firearms piqued.  She is trained and has practical experience in stockpile management, firearms destruction and she is a small arms light weapons pyrotechnic burning tank technician.


Jenny is a graduate of the University of Glasgow’s Transnational Crime, Justice and Security program and her research interests include Firearms and Human trafficking in the Caribbean, Sousveillance, Social media and its effect on Policing and Counterterrorism. One of her future aspirations is the assist with the development and implementation of new legislation and the training of law enforcement personnel to efficiently and effectively combat firearms and human trafficking in Trinidad and Tobago.