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Antonio De Bonis

Analyst, Carabinieri, Italy


Antonio is employed by the Italian Carabinieri.

He studies and analyzes criminal phenomena at the national and international level. He also conducts academic research on transnational crime and its various forms, its realities, potentials, and threats that organized crime presents and will represent in the future.

His research is focused on and developed from the genesis of the mafias, especially Camorra, Sicilian, and ‘Ndrangheta, because these mafias are operating in specific geographical areas and expands their operations internationally. So in order to outline and identify both best practices for operators in the sector and the strategies of containment these areas are defined as criminal hubs and critical faults and these are analyzed. The research and analysis thus fits within this general framework, this is to assess the aspects that trigger criminal phenomena such as the dynamics between local actors and international geopolitical factors.

Antonio is also the founder and leader of GEOCRIME. GEOCRIME is an organization with the objectives of researching, analyzing, and training in the field of criminal phenomena.

Antonio graduated from the University of Rome La Sapienza followed by a Masters in Intelligence, Security and Crisis Area, as well as a Masters in Criminology.


  • Narconostra, Cicorivolta Edizioni, luglio 2012
  • Mafie, Potere e Geopolitica, il mio libro G.E. L’Espresso, 2014