The Global Initiative Board provides high-level governance and strategic direction, championing its work, and ensuring that the actions of the Global Initiative are consistent with its mandate. The members of the Board provide oversight for the financial, legal, human resources and ethical integrity of the Global Initiative.

We have sought to appoint a small but engaged board who herald from a range of backgrounds, but that bring with them personal experience in fighting organized crime and leveraging political will to have an impact in complex problems. We have sought to ensure that the Board is geographically representative, and will include a combination of Northern and Southern states, as well as being gender balanced.

Global Initiative Board, 2017-2020

Chair of the Board

Sarah F. Cliffe
Director, Centre on International Cooperation (CIC) Chair, Global Initiative Advisory Board

Board Members


Gladwell Otieno
Founder and Executive Director of the Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG); Vice Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the African Leadership Centre
Moisés Naím
Distinguished Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Misha Glenny
Investigative journalist, author and broadcaster and an associate professor at Columbia University’s Harriman Institute
Mary Jane C. Ortega
Special Advisor, Y-PORT Center, City of Yokohama & Special Advisor, CITYNET
Gwen Boniface
Independent Expert
Rodrigo Avila
Special Advisor on Security to the Mayor of San Salvador, El Salvador
Nick Lewis
Group Head, Financial Crime Investigations and Intelligence, Financial Crime Compliance, Standard Chartered Bank
Jean-Luc Vez
Managing Director, Security Policy and Security Affairs, at the World Economic Forum.
Kristin Kvigne
Police Commissioner, head of the Police Department at the National Police Directorate
Marc Hofstetter
Deputy Executive Director, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue


Global Initiative Annual Report 2016
Publications 8 May 2017
Global Initiative Annual Report 2015
Publications 17 March 2016