The Global Initiative Network

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Santiago Garre Pelegrina

Consultant for the Global Strategy, GI-TOC

Santiago Garre Pelegrina is part of the Global Strategy team of GI-TOC. He has an in-depth understanding and practical experience on security and governance issues that affect  Colombia and the Latin American region.

He has worked as a Congressman Advisor with national and regional governments, with public institutions (National Police and directorates such as DICAR, DIPOL, DIJIN, DINAE and DISEC), with military forces, in academia, with NGOs and in a number of international organizations (OEI, NDI, HSS, Ingeniería Jurídica Foundation, UNODC, and PADF, amongst others).

Santiago has a BA in Law and Political Science, a MSc in Constitutional Law and Political Science and, more recently, a MSc in Peace, Public Security and National Defence at Gutiérrez Mellado University Institute, Spain. He is currently undertaking a PhD in International Security.



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