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Inge Helena Valencia

Director, Social Studies Department, Icesi University

Inge is an anthropologist from the National University of Colombia and PhD in Anthropology at the School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS). Paris, France. Currently she is the Head of the Department of Social Studies at the Icesi University and Associate Professor and Researcher at the Icesi University.

Among her academic interests are multicultural recognition policies, the dynamics of drug trafficking, organized crime, and peacebuilding in Colombia and Latin America. Her current research projects are aimed at understanding the dynamics of violence in the post-agreement context, and the securitization processes that have increased with the pandemic. She has been a fellow of programs such as the Factory of Ideas of the Center for Afro-Oriental Studies in Brazil, Visiting Researcher of Ciesas-Mexico of the Drug Security and Democracy program of the Social Science Research Council – Open Society and of the International Development Research Center of Canada.



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