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Corina Giacomello

Researcher and Consultant, University of Chiapas, Institute of Judicial Research

Corina is a researcher based in Mexico and since 2007 she has been working on the intersection of gender, drug offenses and incarceration, conducting comparative research on Latin America, with field work mainly in Mexican female prisons. Corina has also done empirical and legal research on children with incarcerated parents, with a focus on drug policy.

Other areas of her research are alternatives to incarceration – particularly drug courts – and the process of reentry after prison for formerly incarcerated women and their families. Currently she is conducting research on women drug users and access to treatment in Mexico.

Corina works with the University of Chiapas and Equis Justicie for Women, a feminist in NGO; they are both based in Mexico. Also, she works as a consultant to international and Inter-American organisations, such as the UN, COPOLAD and OAS, as well as international NGOs. In the future, Corina intends to continue with advocacy and public policy-oriented research on gender and drug policy, but also to start focusing on children in the drug trade and organised crime.

  • Childhood that matters. The impact of drug policy on children of incarcerated parents in Latin America and the Caribbean (Niñez que cuenta. El impacto de las políticas de drogas sobre niñas, niños y adolescentes con madres y padres encarcelados en América Latina y el Caribe); Buenos Aires: Church World Service, 2019.
  • Children who live in prison with their mothers. A comparative law perspective (Niñas y niños que viven en prisión con sus madres: una perspectiva jurídica comparada); Mexico City: National Supreme Court of Mexico, 2018.
  • Women deprived of their liberty and of the right to vote. From objects of the law to subjects of citizenship (Mujeres privadas de la libertad y del derecho al voto. De objetos de norma a sujetos de ciudadanía), Mexico City: Federal Electoral Court of Mexico (Tribunal Electoral del Poder Judicial de la Federación), 2016.
  • Gender, drugs and prison. Experiences of incarcerated women in Mexico (Género, drogas y prisión. Experiencias de mujeres privadas de su libertad en México), Mexico City: Tirant lo Blanch, 2013.
  • “Women and Drug Policies in Latin America: A Critical Review of the United Nations Resolution ‘Mainstreaming a Gender Perspective in Drug-Related Policies and Programmes’), The Howard Journal, Vol 56, No 3., Sept. 2017.
  • “Women in prison: a perspective on rights and gender” (“Mujeres privadas de la libertad: una perspectiva sobre derechos y género en la ejecución penal”), in Di Corleto, Julieta (comp.), Gender and criminal justice (Género y justicia penal), Buenos Aires: Ediciones Didot, 2017.
  • With Isabel Erreguerena, “Drug Courts in Mexico: a critical perspective from women’s experiences” (Cortes de droga en México: una crítica a partir de las experiencias de las mujeres), Mexico City: Equis: Justice for Women A.C., 2018.

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