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Chiara Parolin

Lawyer, European Network of Migrant Women

Chiara’s entire course of study has focused on human rights, in fact she graduated in jurisprudence with a transnational orientation. Chiara specialized in immigration law and in International Protection with particular regard to victims of trafficking.

She attended a Master’s degree at the University of Venice in labor law to study mainly the discrimination suffered by the weak subjects in the world of work. In particular, she drafted a thesis whose object is the study of the discrimination of the female gender in the phase of access to work and during the employment relationship.

Chiara deals with the Palestinian asylum seekers, in particular the inclusion of women and vulnerable people in the reception system. Since she deals with International Protection, she constantly studies the democratization processes of developing countries, in particular Sub-Saharan Africa and the Balkans.

In Italy, Chiara deals with the legal issues related to the integration of refugees and with appeals against the denials of the territorial commission. She is an electoral observer and attended many missions.

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