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Bojan Dobovšek

Professor of Criminology, Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, University of Maribor

Bojan Dobovšek, Ph. D., is a Full Professor of Criminology at the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, University of Maribor, Slovenia. Associate member of International Academy of Sciences and Arts, Sarajevo. He was also a member of Commission for the Prevention of Corruption as representative of Judiciary branch of power. He is the author of books and articles on organised crime and corruption and financial crime. Research projects: Corruption and Rule of Law; Informal networks and State capture; Financial crime; Organised crime and Informal economy; Crime and Tourism; Art Crime; Investigating Ecological crime.

He was a researching partner of Institute fur Politikwissenschaft und Socialforschunf, University of Wurzburg, Germany and visiting professor on Law Faculties in Ghent, Sarajevo and others in the region. Professor Bojan Dobovšek was a member of Parliament and a leader of Deputy Group of Unaffiliated Deputies in Slovenian Parliament.

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