The International Association for the Study of Organized Crime is dedicated to advancing the study of organized crime and illegal enterprise. We are a network of academics, professionals and students, whose focus lies in these fields.

We are run by the Secretariat of the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime in close partnership with our Steering Committee. We have four annual prizes to honour the best and brightest in organized crime research, and we have an affiliated peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Illicit Economies and Development, which members can access online free of charge.

The nomination period for the IASOC Annual Prizes 2024 is now open! These prestigious awards recognize outstanding contributions in the field of organized crime studies. We invite all members of the community to nominate deserving individuals and projects that have made significant impacts in this area.

IASOC is awarding prizes in four categories in 2024:

  • Best Journal Article published in the Journal of Illicit Economies and Development (JIED)

The Best Journal Article recognizes the best article published in the Journal of Illicit Economies and Development (JIED) for each year. The winning article is selected by members of the award committee from among four articles nominated by the editors of the JIED. No external nominations are accepted.

  • Best Ph.D. Thesis / Dissertation

Ph.D. theses or dissertations on the topic of organized crime defended successfully three years before the year of the award (after 31 July 2021 for the current award cycle). Can be nominated by the candidate’s supervisor or department chair.

  • Best Book

The Best Book recognizes the best book or monograph on the broadly defined area of organized crime. Books may be published on commercial or academic presses; self-published books are ineligible. Nominated books must be published no earlier than 2021. Books can be nominated by book publisher(s) or author(s). Self nominations are welcome.

  • Distinguished Scholar

Scholars who have made significant advances in the study of organized crime throughout their careers. Must be nominated by others;  no self nominations, please.

To nominate someone please fill out this form. You will be asked to include a letter of nomination, stating the reasons why the work or person ought to be considered for the IASOC prize. In the case of Thesis nominations, you will be asked to include a copy of the work. For the publication and the thesis prizes, works must be published or defended within the three years prior to the closing of the nomination cycle (e.g. to nominate in 2024, the publication or thesis must have been published or defended after 31 July 2021).

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