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30 Nov


30 Nov 2017

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Tackling organised crime is hard, perhaps one of the most complicated challenges for states in the evolving global order. Both within and outside of their territories, it requires a coordinated approach across multiple areas of government responsibility. And it also often involves the military.

But the use of military over other options – is surprisingly undocumented and under analysed. It deserves a much more thorough examination, including discussing what the implications and consequences of the use of what might be termed “war against organised crime can be.

The Book:

Militarised Responses to Transnational Organised Crime The War on Crime –

The War on Crime

by T. Reitano, S. Jesperson, L. Bird Ruiz-Benitez de Lugo (Eds.)

“This edited volume examines the use of militarised responses to different forms of criminal activity, discussing the outcomes and unintended consequences. Politicians and policymakers frequently use militarised responses to look tough on crime. The deployment of armies, navies, military assets and militarised approaches can send a powerful message but have produced mixed results […]”