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The newly established Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime hosted a discussion with a variety of civil society, think tank and academic organisations as an initial effort to bring together engaged actors to share information and identify common positions, in a hope that this will lead to better responses in the future.

The meeting, under the heading “Exploring the role of civil society think tanks in generating new approaches to counter TOC” took place at the Rose Garden Palace, Via Vittorio Veneto 169, Rome, on Friday 31st May.

The participants consisted of representatives from a number of key international think tanks and research bodies from different regions that focus, amongst other things, on transnational organized crime issues.

In a lively debate, the participants shared ideas, their work priorities and common areas of concern. In particular, participants agreed that while the issue of transnational organized crime is moving up the agendas of governments and international organizations amid concerns about the growing that threat it poses. Current strategies to counter TOC are not working and new ideas and are required.

The Agenda of the meeting allowed for a free-flowing exchange of information and positions, and began the process of building a coordinated think tank network around TOC, which links the research agenda into policy and implementation practices.

The Report of the Meeting is available below.  For more information on the Think Tanks Forum, please email the Secretariat at secretariat@globalinitiative.net.


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