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Friday, 24th of February 2017, the Global Initiative met with Techfugees, CartONG and others at a conference and data capsule hosted by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) in Paris.

The analysis of massive databases, stemming from the ‘datafication’ of the world, can help identify vulnerabilities and strengthen the resilience of developing countries – i.e. the ones that are the most affected by climate change and humanitarian crises caused by conflicts.

Satellite imagery and mobile telephony data will soon become part of development aid agencies’ toolbox. Their use on the ground has already proved determining in humanitarian aid and crisis management contexts, situations in which their granularity and updating frequency allows to address emergencies on the ground by warning populations, through a fast evaluation of the effects of catastrophes, and by enabling a better assistance coordination.

The Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime participated in a workshop and Q&A discussion on digital technology for supporting migrants, as well as a hands-on-session (“hackathon & mapathon”) on dataviz expedition and data capsule where we worked on a smuggler data set. To find out more about our work on migrant smuggling data and mapping the migrant smuggling market, read more here.

The twitter stream of the conference is available here: #datadriven + AFD