In some countries of Central America, extortion has become so endemic that it is now a part of the daily life of citizens, businesses and governments. Pervasive impunity and weakness of state institutions to combat this crime, has resulted in its normalization as a form of violent, omnipresent, criminally enforced taxation. Its effects are far-reaching on a personal, economic and social level. This podcast examines regional extortion trends as well as the state and community efforts to tackle it.

Episodio 1 - Impacto de la pandemia en las redes de extorsión de Centroamérica

Episodio 2 - Sextorsión

Episodio 3 - Extorsión y periodismo

Episodio 4 - Pandillas, víctimas y extorsión en El Salvador

Episodio 5 - Retos de la medición de la extorsión en Centroamérica

Episodio 6 - Impacto de la extorsión en el sector privado