During the week of 9th November, GI-TOC partnered with UNODC in our third regional training workshop for civil society interested in engaging in the Review Mechanism of the UN Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC).  Throughout the week, GI-TOC engaged with over 50 civil society participants from across the Asia Pacific region and Australia working on issues relevant to the UNTOC, and its three Protocols on human trafficking, human smuggling and firearms trafficking.

The session formed part of the ‘Stakeholder Engagement 4 U’ programme, coordinated by UNODC, of which GI-TOC is an official partner. The programme aims to help ensure that diverse, civil-society perspectives are incorporated into the UNTOC review mechanism process, in a visible, impactful, coherent and coordinated manner.  It also aims to bring together the civil society community working against organized crime to facilitate coordination and solidarity, and that the CSO community understands the UNTOC review mechanism and how best to engage.

Louise Taylor, the GI-TOC Representative for Asia Pacific, opened the meeting, saying:

“One of the fundamental pillars of our Asia-Pacific Observatory office is to engage with and build capacity within civil society to tackle organised crime.  That approach builds upon the success of initiatives such as these.  The Global Initiative is very much part of civil society and works with civil society colleagues every day to help understand and improve the international response to transnational organized crime.” 

GI-TOC and UNODC have already collaborated under this programme to produce a set of guidelines for civil society to engage in the UNTOC Review Mechanism process.  This guide includes a model action plan, a template letter to government focal points, and a civil society engagement and transparency pledge. At the training session, there was a clear demand from civil society for more practical information and tools such as these.

GI-TOC looks forward to continuing our work and contributions under this programme, as part of our wider efforts to boost civil society capacity to tackle organized crime in Asia and around the world.

For more information on our Asia Pacific Observatory Office, please contact Louise.Taylor@globalinitiative.net

For more information on our engagement with the UNODC and the UNTOC Review Mechanism, please contact ian.tennant@globalinitiative.net