Resilience Fund

Supporting community responses to organized crime

The Resilience Fund builds on the Global Initiative’s ongoing work in incubating resilience in communities harmed or threatened by criminal governance.

The Fund identifies and empowers key civil society actors, and builds their operational capacity, with the aim of creating networks of resilient communities against organized crime and violence.

Latest Projects

Resilience Fellowship 2020

The Resilience Fellowship has been launched to build a platform for cross-sectoral, global, and interdisciplinary collaboration between civil society actors, human-rights activists, journalists, artists, scholars, policy makers, grassroots community leaders, and others working to counter the effects of organized crime. The Fellowship will provide support and opportunities to a cohort of individuals from around the world.

For 2020, the theme of the Resilience Fellowship is: “Disappearances Related to Organized Crime”. Within this framework Fellows will be asked to combine their various perspectives in the development of collaborative outputs, as well as to represent the Fund as “Resilience Fund Ambassadors,” who will raise awareness of the theme, issues, and the importance of civil society in countering organized crime.