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Joana Daniel Wrabetz

GLO.ACT Policy Support, UNODC

With an eclectic academic life (degree in Education, master’s in Human Rights and Post-graduate in Sociology), Joana has 20 years of professional experience, 14 of which dedicated to issues related to Trafficking in Persons. Among her several roles, Joana was the former Director of the Observatory on THB (2009-2013), from the Ministry of Interior of Portugal, the National Focal Point for the European Commission Anti-Trafficking Portal, Member of the European Commission Expert Group on THB (2011-2015) and, from 2013 to 2016, Director of the Research and Documentation Unit of the NGO STOP Trafficking and Oppression of Children & Women, New Delhi, India, with whom she keeps close ties, by collaborating on a pro bono, ad hoc way. Joana has also been working as an International Consultant on issues related to TIP and MS with various non-governmental and International organizations (UNODC, ICMPD (ICMPD-MIEUX), IOM-Libya), designing and delivering capacity building trainings, ToT, training manuals, country assessments, THB data collection and analyses, etc.

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  • Daniel-Wrabetz, Joana (Coord and Edition) Portuguese version of the UNODC Anti-Trafficking Manual for Criminal Justice Practitioners. Ministry of Internal Affairs. Publication of the Open Modules- 2010 Publication of Reserved Modules- 2012
  • Daniel-Wrabetz, Joana (Coord.) Inhuman Trafficking- 3 , Collection Human Rights and Citizenship No.3, OTSH, Lisbon, 2011
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  • Daniel-Wrabetz, Joana The Convention on the Rights of the Child and Children Born of War Rape in Bosnia-Herzegovina, in Born of War Protecting Children of Sexual Violence Survivors in Conflict Zones, Edited by Charlie Carpenter, Kumarian Press, USA, 2007
  • Daniel-Wrabetz, Joana (colaboration) Child Friendly Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Sierra Leone, UNICEF 2004
  • Daniel-Wrabetz, Joana (colaboration and contribution to Portuguese version), Rights from the Start Birth Registration and Armed Conflict, UNICEF 2004
  • Daniel, Joana, No Man’s Child, The War Rape Orphans: E.MA Awarded Theses for the Academic Year 2002/2003. Published in Ricerche” collection by Marsilio Editori”, Venice (Italy), 2004

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