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Giovanni Broussard

Regional Coordinator (Asia) Global Programme Wildlife and Forest Crimes, UNODC

Giovanni Broussard is the Regional Coordinator of the UNODC Global Programme for Combatting Wildlife and Forest Crimes in Southeast Asia. His work focuses on promoting a reform of the traditional conservation sector to introduce tools of the criminal justice system. In this framework he has contributed to the establishment of the working group on wildlife and timber trafficking within the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Transnational Crime, he has promoted cooperation among African and Asian practitioners (police, prosecutors and customs officers) through the Wildlife Inter-Regional Enforcement (WIRE) meetings, he coordinated the delivery of numerous training courses to more than 1,000 law enforcement officials and supported national dialogues to promote better legal frameworks, modern investigation techniques and prosecution against wildlife trafficking.

In the Greater Mekong Sub-region he has also managed the programme on cooperation at land border to combat trafficking and organized crime. He has 15 years of experience in the field of project management related to criminal justice, organized crime and law enforcement. He worked in Afghanistan, Namibia, Macedonia and he is now based in Thailand.

He holds a PhD in Development studies with focus on Environment, a Master in International Relations with focus on Corruption and an undergraduate degree in Economics with focus on drug markets