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Christian Nellemann

Head, Rapid Response Assessment Unit

Christian Nellemann, PhD, is the Senior officer and head of the Rapid Response Unit and Director of Norwegian Center for Global Analyses. Nellemann has worked extensively in Central, South, East and Southeastern Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Circumpolar Arctic, covering a broad range of environmental and security issues from environmental and transnational organized crime to climate change, pollution, wildlife and marine ecology, food and human security, anti-smuggling, human trafficking, disasters and conflicts, and threat finance.

Nellemann has built training programmes for game scouts and rangers in Africa on tracking and crime scene management, having trained over 1,700 rangers across many countries. He has worked with enforcement training from tactics to strategies, with a special focus on threat finance, interventions and counterinsurgency, with both military and enforcement agencies, including support to UN peacekeeping missions on organized crime and counterinsurgencies.

He has led over 20 global and regional UN assessments including with UNEP, UNODC, INTERPOL, FAO, UNESCO and others. He has contributed to numerous hearings, panels, incident response teams and task forces as an expert for both parliaments, Congress, Supreme courts and different international and government agencies in many countries.

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