The media’s depiction of migrant conditions in Libya is — correctly — gloomy and dark. Yet, this does not prevent this important issue from being approached in a positive angle. Migration governance can be improved in many different ways at a local level. This new original study from Clingendael offers an in-depth analysis of migration management in three very different municipalities: Ghat, Bani Walid and Zawiya. Through a lively dissection of the political economy characterizing these cities, Clingendael’s research formats a number of recommendations that could help develop locale-specific programming and improve conditions for migrants and Libyans alike. Several local initiatives already exist. This new research sheds light on the numerous opportunities available to include migrants in a mutually beneficial way.

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Presentation: Nancy Ezzedine and Jalel Harchaoui, Clingendael Institute

Discussant: Jerome Tubiana, Independent Researcher

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