Jin Cheng

Professor of Public Security Department at the Zhejiang Police College and Director of the Zhejiang Institute of Policing, China

Cheng Jin is the professor of Public Security Department at Zhejiang Police College, the director of Zhejiang Institute of Policing in China. He is also serving as the Secretary-general of Zhejiang Provincial Association for Juvenile Delinquency and the broad member of China Association for Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Asian Criminological Society. He was a visiting scholar at the New South Wales Police College in Australia in 2004, a visiting professor at College of Criminal Justice of Sam Houston State University in the United States from 2006 to 2007 and a visiting scholar at the Institute of Criminology of University of Cambridge in 2012. He is currently on the editorial board of Journal of China Juvenile Delinquency Prevention. His resent research interests are focusing on Modern Policing Administration, Comparative Study in Policing, and Crime Analysis with Crime Mapping and Crime of New Generation Migrants Workers in China. He has received many research grants in recent years and now is the principle investigator of “A study on crime of new generation migrants workers in China”, which is funded by China National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation.

Journal articles

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