VIENNA, 23 May 2019

Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime launches the Resilience Fund to support community responses to organized crime worldwide

Grassroots efforts have become crucial in mobilizing peaceful community action against organized crime. These actors are first responders by creating community cohesion and calling attention to injustice and exploitation. Yet, they are also increasingly vulnerable.

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime has launched the Resilience Fund to support such actors, providing the resources they urgently need. The Resilience Fund, supported by the Government of Norway, aims to build and incubate community-resilience initiatives. The Fund will equip individuals and initiatives with the financial means, capacity and skills building tools to seek innovative approaches to citizen security and peace-building, and to respond and adapt positively to adversity.

The Resilience Fund was launched in Vienna, Austria at a high-level panel discussion in the margins of the 28th UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) on 21 May, 2019. The high-level panel discussion chaired by Siria Gastelum Felix, Resilience Director at the Global Initiative, focused on the role of civil society in building resilience against organized crime.

Panelists included Griselda Triana, a Mexican journalist, activist and wife of slain journalist, Javier Valdez; Rani Hong, the CEO of the Tronie Foundation and herself a former trafficking victim; and Miguel Syjuco, a Filipino journalist and writer.

The Director of the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime, Mark Shaw, said “The Global Initiative’s new Resilience Fund will identify and empower key civil society actors, and build their operational capacity, with the aim of creating networks of resilient communities against organized crime and violence.  The Fund puts the weight of the international donor community behind such individual and collective community initiatives, so it is a pleasure to launch it here in Vienna, in the margins of the UN Crime Commission.”

Over the next three years, the Fund will support:Counter-crime advocates: activists speaking out against the injustices perpetrated by organized crime and building peace.Independent investigative journalists: journalists and local media houses reporting on organized crime.Community resilience initiatives: community groups such as youth, women’s and religious groups which support those made vulnerable by organized crime.
The Fund is the next step of the #GIResilience Project that has pioneered programmes to help foster community resilience in the face of criminal governance in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Over time, the Fund will provide long-term financial commitment to help make these initiatives independently sustainable and replicable, so that they are transferable to other communities harmed by organized crime.

Watch this video of initiatives that the GI is supporting: “GI Resilience 2018

The GI live streamed the event on Facebook and shared ‘Behind the Scenes’ on Instagram.