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11 Dec


11 Dec 2018
9.00 - 18.30

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GITOC Office

Schwarzenbergplatz 1/3.Stock/Tuer 147
1010 Vienna, Austria

Extortion is a pervasive global problem, affecting developing and developed countries and economies alike. It can negatively impact across all aspects of commerce and society, from businesses and entrepreneurs large and small to those working in non-regulated, informal or illicit economies. Furthermore, it targets not only ethnic minorities and families in vulnerable areas, but also ordinary people going about their lives, in transportation, on essential utilities, on home construction and even accessing basic services like health and education.

Responses to extortion have largely aimed at intensifying security measures, pursuing legal mechanisms to intercept extortion, or prosecuting individual cases. But in the majority of cases, these measures have shown minimal success in breaking the extortion cycle. Innovative responses and a critical assessment of current policies in place has become fundamental to set the way forward.

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime has been working towards this agenda and on December 10-11 will convene an Expert Group Meeting on extortion and contemporary response innovations and challenges that consider possible community responses or collective mechanisms against extortion.

The meeting will identify relevant case studies, promising practices and applicable policy recommendations for community leaders, policymakers and practitioners based on past and present successes.

23 experts from 15 countries will share their expertise and knowledge during this event with the presentation of case studies, responses examples, and policy challenges with the purpose of analyzing and discussing the relationship between extortion, criminal governance, and community resilience.