In this eighth issue of the Risk Bulletin of Illicit Economies in Eastern and Southern Africa (May-June 2020), we reflect on the interdependence between licit and illicit economies, through several stories from across the region. We:

  • Investigate how civil society action to halt charcoal production has reshaped the illicit charcoal trade in northern Uganda;
  • Analyze how legal trade can be hijacked by traffickers, looking at how wine shipments from South Africa have been used to smuggle drugs;
  • Contextualize how the surprise arrest of a top Brazilian cocaine trafficker in northern Mozambique provides further proof of links which already appear to be brewing between South American and South East African crime groups;
  • Explore how the prosecution and subsequent acquittal of an Iranian crew accused of trafficking heroin by dhow in the Seychelles highlights trends in drug trafficking in the Indian Ocean basin;
  • Report on how a failed hit on Ernie ‘Latig’ Solomon, alleged South African gang boss, may have been triggered by an internal split in his gang the Terrible Josters.

Photo: Julius Kaka