In this issue of the Risk Bulletin of Illicit Economies in Eastern and Southern Africa, we present findings of research into illicit drug markets, on drug prices and emerging trafficking routes. We report on developments in prosecutions of wildlife crimes, and analyse high-level policy debates relating to the UN Convention on Transnational Organised Crime:

We present stories from South Africa and Kenya, which investigate how political shifts are shaping, and being shaped by, criminal networks.

  • Why did two major ivory trafficking cases in Tanzania collapse, with one conviction quashed and the other resulting in only a small fine?
  • The assassination of William ‘Red’ Stevens: a violent entrepreneur who symbolised South Africa’s evolving gang culture
  • Drug pricing data: why the methodology matters
  • New findings on the supply of methamphetamine from Afghanistan to South Africa.
  • Some groups are advocating for new international frameworks on illegal wildlife trade. What impact would this have in practice?

The stories in the Risk Bulletin are drawn from GI-TOC’s network of analysts and researchers, who form the basis of our Civil Society Observatory of Illicit Economies in Eastern and Southern Africawhich has hubs in Nairobi and Cape Town.

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