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  • Mikilvægur dómur í Tælandi um mansal. An important court ruling in Thailand against human trafficking - https://t.co/CdWJVHrSSS 1 month ago
  • RT  @Jon_Gnarr : at the airport the CBP Officer said to me that "Iceland can't be a very exciting place when only 300.000 people wanna live t… 5 months ago
  • Spoke at a seminar in Reykjavik University on match-fixing last Friday- lecture starts at 03:00 https://t.co/fyS5PrdLO0 important issue 5 months ago
  • Launch by  @GI_TOC  on The Human Conveyor Belt, On the human trafficking & smuggling in post-revolution Libya” https://t.co/Qf1MfwfxaA 5 months ago
  • Europol launching SOCTA 2017 - EU Serious and Organised Crime Threat Asessment https://t.co/FaLQRDTiNV - Analysis on threats and responses 5 months ago

Sveinn Helgason

Specialist, Department of Public Security at the Ministry of the Interior, Iceland


Mr. Sveinn Helgason has been a specialist at the Ministry of the Interior in Reykjavík, Iceland, from June 2015 and before that he was a reporter for more than two decades.  At the ministry Mr. Helgason works in the department of public security. He is the chairman of an Inter-Ministerial Group on implementing international agreements on anti-corruption and is responsible for reporting to GRECO, UNODC and the Working Group on Bribery at the OEDC.  In this work Mr. Helgason has mainly focused on legislative amendments and awareness-raising to implement anti-corruption measures in Iceland, both in the public and private sector. He has worked extensively with the police, prosecutors and other stakeholders in addition to the international institutions that are fighting corruption.


Mr. Helgason was a reporter for the Icelandic Broadcasting Service (RUV) for over 20 years, and from 2008 to 2015 he was the US correspondent for RUV , most of the time stationed in Washington DC. In his reporting Mr. Helgason covered a wide range of subjects on political, economic and social issues. In 2015 Mr. Helgason graduated  with a Masters degree in public policy from Georg Mason University – School of Policy, Government and International Affairs, in Virginia. In his studies he focused on organized crime, terrorism and corruption and how to combat these threats, both in individual countries and on an international scale.