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  • German interior minister speaks out in favor of 'Leitkultur' for immigrants 4 hours ago
  • The Threat of Gated Communities #illusionosafety #exclusivity #urbanplanning 4 hours ago
  • #Airlines should not be allowed to create priority access groups and charge for priority access in the boarding process. 4 hours ago
  • El club de expresidentes en problemas #corrupcion #Odebrecht #LavaJato #AmericaLatina 6 hours ago
  • MS-13 terrifies Long Island’s Latinos – and prompts a political backlash from Trump 17 hours ago

Sonja Wolf

Investigator, Drug Policy Program, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas


Sonja Wolf holds a PhD in International Politics from Aberystwyth University. She has held post-doctoral fellowships at the ITAM and the UNAM in Mexico City where she carried out research on transnational street gangs, organised crime and security assistance programes in Central America. Subsequently, she worked at the Mexico City-based Institute for Security and Democracy where she conducted a comprehensive assessment of Mexico’s National Migration Institute. She is currently a researcher with the Drug Policy Programme at the Centre for Economic Research and Teaching in Aguascalientes, Mexico.