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Shirleen Chin

Legal Officer/Programme Manager, Institute for Environmental Security & Founder, Green Transparency


Shirleen Chin is an international legal expert who currently works for the Institute for Environmental Security, which is based in The Hague, the Netherlands. She recently founded Green Transparency, a think tank that works on the intersection between environmental issues and governance. Shirleen is educated in law, international business and mass communications.

In her years of experience, she has acquired some notable recognition. Shirleen has been invited to speak at various international conferences related to anti-corruption, illicit trade, environmental crime and organised crime. Her work also involves contributing to EU projects and working groups on environmental and transnational organised crimes. Parallel to her job, she enjoys writing articles pertaining to governance for partner websites. In 2015, she appeared as an expert guest on a Euronews programme called “On The Frontline” addressing “Dirty Business: Mafia’s Toxic Waste Crime Spreads Across Europe”.

Her areas of expertise comprise public international law, international criminal law, trade, corporate governance, grand corruption, the FCPA, financial crime, CSR, environmental crime, climate change and human rights.

Shirleen is also an independent consultant and regularly offers pro bono legal advice.