Pieter Deelman

Director Strategic Planning Directorate, INTERPOL


Mr Pieter Deelman is a senior police officer from the Netherlands and since March 2014 the Director of Strategic Planning at INTERPOL. In this position he is responsible for refining and managing INTERPOL’s strategic developments and business planning process.

His previous function was Deputy Head of the European Police Mission in Afghanistan (EUPOL), involved in the reform of the Ministry of Interior and in the professionalization of the Afghan National Police.

Before that he was director of the Dutch Police Foundation, dealing with academic and scientific theories and philosophies on safety, security and police. He organized conferences and published books to feed public debate.

Practically all his life, he has worked as a policeman in the Netherlands. Started in 1971 as a student at the Police Staff Academy ending in 2009 as Chief of Police in the region Twente.

He has operated at all management levels in different places in the country (Chief and Assistant Chief of Police, District Chief City of Utrecht) and was head of many specialist units (Serious and Organised Crime Division, Press and Communication Unit, Special Tasks and Arresting Team, Riot Police, Traffic Police, Detention Centre, Dogs and Mounted Police, Command and Control Room).

He studied Dutch and international law at the University of Amsterdam and is since 2010 a substitute judge at the Criminal Court of Almelo/The Netherlands.