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Lorenzo Bodrero

IRPI – Investigative Reporting Project Italy


Lorenzo Bodrero is the co-founder of IRPI, the center for investigative reporting in Italy. He works as a freelance journalist and collaborates with media such as L’Espresso, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Il Corriere della Sera, Vice News,  Narcomafie, Valori, Wired, OCCRP and 100Reporters. In 2015, he took part in the investigation “Unholy Alliances” by OCCRP which won the Global Shinining Light Award. Lorenzo Bodrero studied Communications Science and obtained a degree in Italy and one in the Netherlands. Lorenzo has worked as press officer and communication manager in the European association FLARE Network for four years. For three years he has been in charge of FLARE’s online magazine Bright, a web-journal entirely focused on organised crime and corruption-related issues. Always within FLARE experience, Lorenzo coordinated the ‘Best International Organised Crime Report‘ Award.