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Lorenzo Bagnoli

Freelance investigative journalist,  IRPI – Investigative reporting project Italy


Lorenzo Bagnoli is board member of the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), a centre for investigative journalism based in Italy. He holds a Master in Journalism awarded by the Catholic University in Milan. Currently he is also a contributor at Il Fatto quotidiano, Q CODE Magazine, L’Espresso and Lettera43. He worked for Peacereporter, E il mensile (Emergency), Linkiesta and Vice News Italy. He is focused in human smuggling networks, organised crime and corruption. He has been awarded three times with a grant by Journalism Fund: twice with the “Mafia in Africa” project and once with a cross-border investigation about the European Security complex.


  • In 2014, he published Lezioni di mafia, a book based on 12 lessons of former general anti-mafia prosecutor Pietro Grasso. In 2015 he published with Lorenzo Bodrero and Luca Rinaldi an ebook called Scacchiera Expo, published by Informant, about the corruption cases that affected the Expo Milan 2015
  • Major Cross-border investigation: Mafia in Africa