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  • ‘Mission Accomplished’ Will Never Come in Afghanistan 15 hours ago
  • New Zealand commits to #Fiji #bordersecurity via  @scoopnz  17 hours ago
  • With or without #Brexit, the #EU is a key market for  @Asean . But it has never been Asean's role model 2 days ago
  • #Policymakers Are Focussing On #Drugs Australians Aren't Taking #oxycodone #fentanyl #DrugUse 2 days ago
  • Heightened Scrutiny of #Iranians Shows #Trump Administration ‘Extreme Vetting’ in Action #bordersecurity 2 days ago

John Coyne

Director, Australian Strategic Policy Institute


Dr John Coyne is the Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Border Security Program. Over the last twenty years John has been an intelligence professional at tactical, operational, and strategic levels across a range of military, regulatory, national security and law enforcement organisations. During this period he has worked extensively in the ASEAN region, delivering a range of bilateral research projects. His more recent work in this area has focused on enhancing multilateral ASEAN information exchange regarding non-traditional illicit commodity flows.

John’s Ph.D. examined strategic intelligence in law enforcement targeting transnational serious and organised crime. He has written and published on a range of border security and intelligence issues. He has been a Winston Churchill Fellow and a Vincent Fairfax Fellow.